Info & Studio Terms

General RegulationsDropdown Arrow

We do not provide photography services, just the rental of our rooms. The studios cannot be used to shoot nudity or pornography of any kind, including boudoir. Please refrain from using glitter for effects Indoor shoes and socks are welcome in the space. Outdoor shoes are not permitted in the studio spaces. Please refrain from drinking and eating in the studio spaces. We offer a central hub area where you are welcome to eat or drink. Drugs and Alcohol are not permitted in the studios. Our studios are not soundproof. Music is permitted at low levels and no explicit music is allowed. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items. Coats and outdoor shoes can be stored in the entry coat check area during your visit. All purses, bags and personal belongings should be brought into the rented studio room with you. A rolling rack with shelving is provided during your booking inside each room for personal belongings. The studio must be returned to its original condition before your scheduled time ends. Standing on the furniture is not permitted. Our studios are pet-free spaces. A liability form for any damages that may occur is to be signed prior to using a studio space. A fee will be applied for any damages done to props, equipment, walls, flooring, drapery or furniture. Candles are only permitted in the space if they are contained in a casing. Dry ice or fog machines are not permitted in the space. To move heavier pieces of furniture in the studios, we ask that you lift the pieces rather than pull or push them on the floor. Please connect with a staff member if you require assistance. Not all furniture is moveable. Please note that failure to respect our studio policies, the staff, building tenants or other clients may result in immediate termination of your booking.

Location & HoursDropdown Arrow

Skye Studio is located at Unit #360 2255 St. Laurent Blvd.Ottawa, ON K1G 4K3. We are open Monday to Sunday 9am - 9pm.

Booking & RegistrationDropdown Arrow

All bookings and cancellations are to be made on our website at through our online booking system. Studio hours are from Monday to Sunday, 9am - 9pm. All bookings to be paid in full at the time of booking. To ensure there is enough studio space for all our guests, we must limit the number of people in each studio room to 8 guests. If you wish to have additional guests, a large group fee of $50/hour will be applied, up to a maximum of 12 guests. More than 12 guests will require another room to be booked.

Arriving and DepartingDropdown Arrow

Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your booking to check in and sign our waiver. Each studio space must be returned to its original state 10 minutes before a booking period is over. This is to ensure that the space is ready for the next guest in a timely manner. A staff member will discreetly check-in 10 minutes before a booking period is over to ensure the space is in ideal condition for the next guests. Your booking is only for the room that you rented for the duration of the rental. If you require additional time to set up / takedown, please factor it into your booking. If you need extra time after your shoot and the room is available, you can rent additional time in 30 minute increments for 50$/hr + tax. If you have a large party, please factor in the time to bring / take out your belongings from the studio room. You will be asked to wrap up your shoot 10 minutes early so that you can start clearing out the space. Alternatively, you can dedicate a person from your party to start removing items while you are finishing the photo session.

CancellationsDropdown Arrow

All reservations shall be paid in full. Refunds are not offered once a studio space has been booked; however, if a reservation is canceled earlier than 24 hours in advance, a credit will be applied to your account. This credit can be used for rescheduling a booking at a later date. There are no refunds, or studio credit, for cancellations made less than 24 hours in advance. No-show appointments will not receive any studio credit or refund. We do not offer same day re-scheduling.

Damage and CleanlinessDropdown Arrow

A staff member will discreetly check-in 10 minutes before a booking period is over to ensure the space is in ideal condition for the next guests. Furniture and props need to be moved back to their original place, and all garbage must be brought out to the hub area and placed into garbage cans. If our staff finds a messy room during the room check, you will be asked to stop taking pictures and clean up the room. If the room is still left untidy at the end of the booking, there will be a $50-100 cleaning fee added to your booking. Please do not step on the furniture in shoes. Use indoor shoes when entering the studio rooms during fall/winter months and rainy days. If you are taking pictures in your outdoor shoes, you will be asked to wipe them down before entering the studios. If there are damages to the floor, furniture, broken accessories, or any other studio equipment, including extension cords during your booking, you will be asked to reimburse the cost of the damages. Broken furniture leg damage fee is $300, floor damage and deep scratches can range from $100-500 depending on the extent of the damage. Furniture damage is subject to a $300-1000 damage fee. This includes staining or dirtying the furniture which will require you to cover the cost of deep cleaning. Please refrain from drinking and eating in the studio spaces. We offer a central hub area where you are welcome to eat or drink.

Parking and AccessDropdown Arrow

We are located in unit 360, on the 3rd floor of 2255 St. Laurent Blvd. Parking is located at the front of the site and is complimentary for our clients. Wheelchair accessibility to elevator located through the sidedoor.

EquipmentDropdown Arrow

We do not offer equipment for rent; however, equipment rentals can be obtained from the following location in the Ottawa area: Vistek Ottawa 499 Bank St, Ottawa, ON K2P 1Z2

Changing, Makeup & BathroomsDropdown Arrow

Our studio offers 2 change rooms and a central hub area. Makeup and charging stations are located in our central hub area. We kindly ask that personal items are not left in the hub after use. Washrooms are located in the common space of the building in the adjacent hallway to our studio space.

CapacityDropdown Arrow

Each studio space has a capacity of 8 guests. If you wish to have additional guests added to your booking or if you would like to book all 3 studios please submit a message through the Contact page

Wi-FiDropdown Arrow

Complimentary Wi-Fi is available to our guests. Please connect with a staff member upon your arrival and they will provide you with our Wi-Fi credentials.

Request for ToursDropdown Arrow

Tours of the spaces are available by appointment only. Please email us at to book a tour. If you have booked a studio room and would like to view another room, please kindly ask our staff and they will be happy to assist you, provided the space you wish to view is unoccupied during your visit.